a story of international music light


      An atypical international jazz trio, widening the soundscape of the classic guitar trio format, blending classical and balkan elements, constantly provoking spontaneity, while always remaining open and organic. The story of Szvetlo began in the heart of Budapest, one of Europe’s most beautiful gems.


Pierre Martin is a French-Hungarian drummer and actor, who often travels between Brussels, Budapest and Lille. Pierre has been involved in many different jazz oriented projects, such as Groppe & Martin duo, Keys Frihat 4tet, Thoma Sagne trio, Filip Dinev Szvetlo; and non-jazz oriented, like Please Smell Us, BAF, and marching bands like Unikstar. Besides music, he is currently active with the monodrama “Une Vie sur Mesure”. Ah, yes, and Pierre speaks 4 different languages fluently and is a genuine “croissant” fan.

Dani Arday is a Hungarian bass player residing and taking care of the low-end business in Budapest. Known for his versatility, Dani is active in the jazz and folk/pop scene, and is part of projects like Tárkány Művek, Cymbal Rush, Filip Dinev Szvetlo, Elek István trio, Kosztolánszki Quintet and many more…